CODE OF CONDUCT | 12 7. Health and Safety at work Safety in the workplace is an integral part of our social responsibility. For this reason, we ensure that our employees are offered a safe, healthy and secure working environment and that the respective instructions relating to work safety, health, fire protection and environmental protection as well as customer-specific safety requirements are correctly maintained. Each employee is co-responsible for upholding these guidelines in their working sphere. As part of a continual process of improvement, we aim to constantly improve our employees workspaces as well as boost job satisfaction and health at work by using preventative and health-promoting measures. 8. Environment An essential goal of the WALTER GROUP was and is to design all business activities in such a way that the environment is polluted as little as possible. With the environmental initiatives GREEN transport by LKW WALTER and GREEN technology by CONTAINEX, the WALTER GROUP has placed considerable emphasis on reducing harmful emissions in its core businesses transport i.e. container trade and production. Within the framework of our environmental management, we ensure that we deal responsibly with resources such as energy and water and make sustainable use of our buildings and properties. A series of measures at our sites such as the environmentally-appropriate procurement of products and services, optimisation of energy consumption by means of our building management system, as well as energy and emissions control ensure that we can continually improve our procurement and work processes, in accordance with our ecological responsibilities. Detailed information on this can be found in the LKW WALTER company report or the CONTAINEX SHEQ report.